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Sheila Vertoli

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Your Central Florida Real Estate Agent 

As a 28 year resident of Central Florida, I specialize in the sale of new home construction and existing home sales throughout Central Florida. Prior to my real estate profession, I spent 10 years developing marketing and sales skills with a Fortune 500 company. 

Why I’m Different . . .

I am committed to providing outstanding service to my clients! I am loyal and devoted to all of my clients.  I create effective marketing strategies while implementing personal touches.  I am skilled in creating strategies that result in successful negotiations that provides the best possible outcome to my client’s best interests. I believe that it is my obligation to represent my clients with the Best Service possible that results in earning my clients’ trust.

Building a Community

Early in life I embarked on a journey with my children by nurturing their educational environment through home schooling.  In doing so, I realized my passion for painting and teaching art. Consequently, in 2012 I started company teaching art classes locally called "Canvas Creations with Sheila" This affords me time with my teenage children who help as my assistants.  In addition, I share and collaborate on projects with local artisans.  Becoming an educator allowed me  to contribute time and energy toward teaching youngsters about the arts which has been a great pleasure and honor watching their imaginations soar as they explore their individual creativeness. 

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